Learn to Sing

Merry Melodies welcomes singers of all abilities and ages.


Merry Melodies offers:

  • individual or group lessons

  • affordable 60 minute lessons

  • a positive and nurturing learning environment

  • specialist in teaching children, ages 4 and up

  • extensive experience teaching adults

  • considerable experience teaching children with special needs

Merry Melodies can help with:

  • improving your voice

  • vocal control / technique

  • learning breath control

  • enhancing your vocal health

  • song interpretation / emotion

  • learning how to audition

  • boosting your confidence

  • improvisation

  • music theory

  • music performance / performing on stage

  • preparation for school musicals, recitals and choirs

Lesson Structure

  • Each lesson is divided into two sections.

  • The first section is dedicated towards breathing and singing exercises. This part of the lesson is crucial for warming up and caring for one's vocal cords as well as improving vocal control.

  • The second part of the lesson focuses on applying singing and vocal techniques to the student's chosen song (or songs).

  • Within this structure, lessons are tailored towards a student's specific needs, e.g. a student may wish to focus on improving improvisation; learning to sing vibrato; singing better at a higher pitch; or better vocal cord closure (reducing breathiness in one's voice).

For individual or group lesson rates, please contact Grace.


Merry Melodies also offers excellent value on lesson packages. Please contact Grace for details.


Gift vouchers are also available.

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It's time to sing!